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Kerouac: Visions of Lowell (FOREWARD)
“Kerouac made Lowell Sacred by his attention to it, as Homer did the walls of Troy, as Dante his Florence, as Blake his London, as Pound his Venice, as W.C. Williams his Patterson, as Thomas Wolfe his Asheville — so any later illumination of the site flashes with sacred fascination.” — Allen Ginsberg

Portrait of John J Dorfner
John J Dorfner
John J Dorfner was born in Kingston, New York. He grew up in Stone Ridge a small town in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. After serving in the Navy where he started writing by keeping a journal, he hitchhiked across the country, and settled for a time in Portland, Oregon. While in Portland he found employment at at book distributor and was introduced to the novels of another writer who roamed America… Jack Kerouac.

My Introduction To Kerouac
The name Kerouac first caught my eye while working for a book distributor in Portland, Oregon in 1974. A friend of mine came running into my office with a copy of "Kerouac" by Ann Charters. He was amazed at the fact that despite my hitchhiking around the country… I'd never heard of Jack Kerouac. In the middle 1970's I made it a goal to read all of Kerouac's books I could find. After reading his novels I was hooked into the Legend of Kerouac… even before I had any knowledge of the legend as Kerouac intended it to be.
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