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Visions of Lowell Cover Kerouac: Visions of Lowell
A sacred walking tour of Lowell, beginning with Dorfner's first pilgrimage there in 1976, following the death of his father. "If Kerouac loved anything more than writing, it was his childhood in Lowell. He spent a lifetime describing his memories of Lowell, trying to recapture the joy and exhilaration of his life there." A mystical journey back to 'ti jean" Kerouac's childhood, back to his birthplace. A sensitively devoted journey in Kerouac's footsteps, with black-and-white photos. Foreword by Allen Ginsberg.

Visions of Rocky Mount Cover Kerouac: Visions of Rocky Mount
Kerouac: Visions of Rocky Mount...describes Kerouac's life and times in Rocky Mount, Big Easonburg Woods, North Carolina. The book is full of black and white photographs of scenes right out of The Dharma Bums and other books that Kerouac published in his lifetime. Also photographs of the house that Neal Cassady pulled up to with the new muddy Hudson... Christmas 1948. This is described in On the Road, but Kerouac called the town Testament, VA. Also the cottage Kerouac wrote Visions of Gerard is covered in the book.

Milkman's matinee Cover Milkman's Matinee
Milkman's Matinee is the story of a young boy's observation of the world through the clean windshild and open doors of his father's milk truck. Hard lessons are learned and life's tough struggles are confronted as 'little john' listens to his father and watches him smoke cigars and laugh at life's simple pleasures. Using flash back, mixed with delicate prose the author takes readers on a unforgettable ride along the city streets of Kingston New York, during summer and winter mornings of the early 1960's.

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